Why I Put Myself Forward?

This week I have put myself forward as a candidate for Regional Board Youth Representative within the Labour Party. Firstly what does a Regional Board Youth Representative do: Regional Board Youth Representatives give young members a voice in the running of the Party in their region. They sit on and attend meetings of their Regional […]

Not So Sure Start

Over the past year I have been completing a research project aiming to answer the question of ‘what are the common characteristics of intervention strategies used in secondary education’. The ultimate conclusion from my research is that although common characteristics exist, there is in fact a more pressing concern with interventions in the sense that […]

Historic win for Labour party in Kensington

For the first time in the constituency’s history Labour have have gained Kensington from the Conservatives After multiple recounts, and the count being postponed the result has finally been declared after Emma Dent Coad won the seat by just 20 votes. In one of the biggest shocks of the election, Conservative Victoria Borwick saw her majority […]

How the general election manifestos stack up for education.

Today the NUT re-launched their schoolcuts.org.uk website to show what the pledges being made in the main political party manifestos will mean for our schools. Firstly let’s address the fact that should Theresa May be elected on the 8th June 93% of schools will experience per-pupil funding cuts which will average -£86,951 for primary schools […]

Over 100 schools will lose £1 million or more in funding.

Under the Government’s plans nearly every school will lose funding. Over 100 will lose £1 million or more. That means 34,685 fewer teachers; less money for arts, music and sports; less individual attention for each child. In this election, candidates have a choice: they can oppose school cuts, or compromise children’s education.

Choose love, Manchester

A vigil took place outside Manchester town hall yesterday evening to remember the people who lost their lives when a terror attack struck at Manchester Arena on Monday night. Performance poet Tony Walsh, also know as Longfella, recited his poem This is the Place which sparked a huge reaction from the crowd. He said the […]

Theresa May fails on Education

Less that 24 hours ago the twitter user @LabourEoin posted the following tweet. I've crammed every Tory education failure into the one graphic. I'd appreciate it you would consider sharing it. [click to enlarge] pic.twitter.com/lTA0azIEW1— Eoin (@LabourEoin) May 20, 2017 His list of 100 ways Theresa May’s education policies are failing highlighted some (yes I […]