Why should Jeremy Corbyn be Prime Minister?

A few days before the general election I wrote a counter argument to a post on labourteachers.org.uk where I attempted to put forward the argument that Jeremy Corbyn would and in my opinion should be the next prime minister.

The results have been tallied and Theresa May has formed a government working with the DUP of Nothern Ireland. This newly founded coalition hold only 2 seats over a majority so is quite literally resting on a knife edge, the slightest disagreement could see the countries governing party sent into chaos and in ironic tragedy, leave us with a coalition of chaos.

At this stage I am incredibly proud to be a member of the Labour Party and even prouder to have voted in two leadership elections to have Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the party. I whole heatedly believe that without the leadership and relatability of Jeremy, the news today would be damning and the Conservatives would have a strangle hold over the country with austerity being the only thing on offer.

I could spend time dissecting the leadership ability and performance of Theresa May – however, the election has been a fantastic test of character for both leaders and has shown her to be a weak and unappealing leader and not someone who should be leading the country through the Brexit negotiations.

So why did I (and still do) believe Jeremy Corbyn should be Prime Minister?

Recently a school local to me lost all but the legally required minimum number of teaching assistants. One teacher has had a window in their classroom broken, flapping around in the wind for the best part of a year. Departments are having to decide between equipment for the students to use or text books to teach a new GCSE. This isn’t a story limited to just one school, or even just one area. This is the reality for almost all state schools under the Conservative government. – We as teachers are not valued by the current government.

In April Jeremy Corbyn referred to teaching as most important professions in our society and now I want to explain why Jeremy Corbyn should be the man with the most important job in politics.

Jeremy has consistently been on the right side of history (an overused cliché but 100% accurate)

Jeremy was a staunch opponent of the Apartheid regime and a supporter of Nelson Mandela and the ANC. As noted in Pink News, Jeremy was an early champion of LGBT rights. At a time when the Tories decried supporting LGBT rights as ‘loony left’, Jeremy voted against section 28 which sought to demonise same-sex relationships. Jeremy went against the Labour leadership and fully supported the miners in their effort to prevent the total destruction of their industry and communities. In the 1970s and 1980s, while the UK and other Western governments were selling weapons to Saddam Hussein, Jeremy campaigned and demonstrated against it. Jeremy opposed New Labour’s introduction of university tuition fees. Jeremy argued against PFIs for funding the building of new schools and hospitals, which was used partly because New Labour had committed itself to Tory spending plans.

Right from the beginning Jeremy argued and campaigned against austerity. Despite inheriting a situation where the economy was growing, Osborne’s austerity budgets plunged the UK into a double dip recession in April 2012 and by February 2013 Britain lost its AAA credit rating for the first time since the late 1970s.

He has a clear vision for the country

Jeremy wants to bring about a million good quality jobs across our regions and guarantee a decent job for everyone. Build new homes, including half a million new council houses, give people greater security in their jobs, stop the privatisation of our NHS, rebuild public services and secure quality and justice for everyone in this country. These are actually all fully costed plans within the Labour manifesto and demonstrates that Jeremy is serious in bringing about real change within our country to benefit the many not the few.

He will get us a better deal for Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has said “We will confirm to the other member states that Britain is leaving the European Union. That issue is not in doubt, but instead of posturing and pumped-up animosity, a Labour government under my leadership will set out a plan for Brexit based on the mutual interests of both Britain and the European Union.” The plan is to stop thinking we can bully our way to getting a good deal and threatening to walk away. Instead Jeremy sets out a plan which is well thought through and will bring about mutually beneficial agreements for the UK and Europe which protects the rights of UK citizens and also those from the EU currently in Britain. Jeremy want’s a Brexit that will work for everybody not just those who can afford to carry on as normal even if it all goes wrong.

Most importantly on this issue, Jeremy is fully committed to a Britain which not only survives but flourished outside of the EU and will do everything to turn that vision to a reality.

These are just three major reasons why Jeremy Corbyn should be the next Prime Minister.  There are actually many more, but I feel that these three issues are the ones which are raised most often during debates during this election campaign. I believe that with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister our country will become more prosperous and demonstrate true leadership both on the world stage and in domestic policies having a profoundly positive effect on education.

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